Saddle Astute SkyLine Titan VT

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Weight: 160 g +/-8%

- Covering of FUTURE microfiber,extra-strong yet soft, waterproof, breathable, washable and is in accordance with all ECOLABEL requirements
- Misure: 135x275 mm
- TRY-DENSITY NES70TM padding system to enhance ergonomycs and comfort; the MEMORY FOAM system guarantees saddle recovery to its original shape
- The inside base is made of CARBON FIBER REINFORCED NYLON
- The outside base is made with a special NYLON FIBER SOFT TOUCH
- Rail tube Ø 7 mm with graduated scale, made of TITAN-V a special new alloy of titanium and vanadium
- Shock-Pad-Absorber-System, a new patented system based on two specific shock-absorber pads placed in between base and rails that absorb shocks and vibrations and eliminate any friction between the rail and the base