Saddle Astute SkyCarb Carbon VT - Matt Black

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Saddle Astute SkyCarb Carbon VT - Matt Black


SKY CARB 3.0 VT features an anti-vibration, self-supporting full-carbon twin shel, designed to significantly reduce vibrations and reinforce the construction thanks to the additional Spas System Technology (SPAS): 2 pads between the carbon rail and the shells dampen and reduce vibrations. Both carbon shells feature an open U shape; the inner shell is black, while the outer shell can be either matte or glossy black. An innovative construction enhances the saddle's look while maintaining a clean silhouette and improving performance, as it significantly increases the padding space while preserving the same volume and, as a result, reduces pressures in the perineal area and ensures ultimate comfort. The saddle is 135mm wide and 275mm long, and features high performance and reliability.

Full-carbon rail with 3K Carbon Rail 7X9 technology for reduced weight. A racing combination designed by Astute. Lightweight, ultimate performance and comfort, even under high-strain conditions.

VT seat (from "verta", i.e. "open" in Venetian dialect), designed with a central cut-out to eliminate pressure peaks in the pelvic area. The Ā«tension arcĀ» is created with a perfectly balanced weight distribution for smooth, comfortable riding. Ultimate comfort, lightweight and high performance.

Features three-density progressive Memory Foam padding to provide better comfort in the perineal area - firmer in the back to support the sit bones, and softer on the front.

SKY CARB VT 3.0 is protected by three international patents and is exclusively handmade in Italy according to strict local regulations.